Animated AI

From Abstract to Reality

A unique 1000 piece collection of animated AI pieces morphing between AI imagined abstract art, landscapes and portraits

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What is an
Animated AI NFT?

Animated AI uses the latest deep learning technologies to "imagine" never-before-seen animated art NFTs. The animations are all generated by the AI system. The creativity of our AI systems lead to incredible pieces that we showcase in our limited edition collections.

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This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Animated AI. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

1. Launch

We have just launched the limited edition collection: Animated AI - From Abstraction to Reality!

2. Community Giveaway

We are doing a give-away of 100 of our Animated AI NFTs to members of our community. To qualify for the give-away, simply: 
1. Follow @DeepLearningNFT
2. RT & Like
3. Tag 3 Friends
to receive an NFT. First come, first served.

3. More Limited Edition Collections

The creativity of AI knows no bounds. We plan to push the abilities of AI to the limit to generate more unique collections.

4. Future Drops

We will continue to drop pieces to the community at different stages. We will let you all know when a drop is about to happen!


This is one of a set of unique limited-edition AI-generated animated collections.

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